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Super-Villain Academy – An Overview of the World

A Note from the Game Masters

So in a game where the World Background actually mattered, here is where we would post the corresponding material. You know, the usual items such as what it's like being a student at the Academy, or flavor bits relating how Fabooo! was on the cover of Evil People magazine for three months straight, or recent public events which on the surface would seem innocuous, but will unexpectedly in the last half-hour of the game turn out to be cleverly related to one of the characters present.

However, this is Super-Villain Academy - the rest of the world is only relevant to the small minority of characters who are active trying to take control of it. And They know who They are...

Still, many of the characters in this game, being students and faculty and what-not, are actually familiar with the school, so it seems unfair to inflict upon them the same general lack of information the visiting characters have. So we will actually post some background information on-line, but we are putting it on a secondary page, to hide it from casual eyes.

The world background can be found by following the links below. We are asking that you please not read the material until you are cast in the game, and we confirm you are playing a character who would have this information. This is on the honor system *

Once you are sure your character should have this information, you can access the general world background here, and school background information here.

Thanks for your patience!



* Okay, we realize relying on an "honor" system in a game where all the characters are Super-Villains is probably not the swiftest move on our part. But hopefully you will see the benefit of preserving potential in-game surprises and refrain from getting into character prematurely.




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