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Welcome to our Nefarious Casting Form!

To help us cast you in a role you would most enjoy playing, please fill out the following form, and submit it

Player Name:  
Player Email:  
Preferred Character Gender:   M F
(All characters are Gendered)    

I am signing up for the run at

Please rate the following character elements from 1 - 3, where 1 = "would rather not play," 2 = "either way," and 3 = "Yes, Please!":

  Mastermind   Henchman   Mad Scientist
  Ninja   Costumes and Capes   Administration
  Faculty   Alumni   Student
  Visitor/Other   Romance   Melodrama*
  Dark Arts

* Sure, it's a comedic game, but we still have to have some angst. Sadly, the angst is mostly about things that are completely pointless, thus we call it melodrama. Sigh.

Check the following if you agree:

I would not mind playing a character of opposite gender.

I would not mind playing a character who finds it useful to sing.

I would not mind playing a character who gets touched a lot (appropriately)

No really, this character gets touched by just about everybody. Still Interested?

I don't think you fully appreciate the amount of physical contact involved. Still Ok?

You probably don't really want to play such a character. Never mind.

Bonus Question:

I am familiar with Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series.

Essay Questions:

1) Are there any other player(s) with whom you want to play or to avoid (no guarantees)?

Is there anything else we should know before we cast you?

Euro Disclaimer: By clicking "Submit" I agree to my data being stored on a computer and being used for the purposes of running this game.

After submitting your casting form, you should receive your (secret) full-length character background about a week or two before the scheduled run (sooner, if possible:-)
If you have any questions in the meantime, please send email to the GMs at jokeboy1@aol.com

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