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Poker Rules

To help us cast you in a role you would most enjoy playing, please fill out the following form, and submit it.

Your spot in the game is not guaranteed until we receive this form! Thanks.

Sex: M F

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Please rate the following character or plot concepts from 1 - 5, where
5 means you strongly prefer the idea, and 1 means you'd rather avoid it:

 Gun Slinging  Hex Slinging
 The Union  The Confederacy
 Viva La Mexico!  Saloon Employee
 The Law  The Out-Law
 Heroism  Villainy
 Politics  Intrigue
 Railroad Business  Angst
 Supernatural  Romance
 Secret Agent  Mad Scientist
 Playing Poker

Please divide up 10 points among the next three items, allocating more points to your preference(s):

 I primarily solve problems (or pursue goals) when playing.

 I primarily characterize (or portray my character) when playing.

 I primarily create scenes for my character when playing.

Player Preferences (check all that apply):

 I prefer a more straight-forward character, who doesn’t need to engage in a lot of subterfuge.

  I don’t mind my character having to suffer a lot of angst.

 I don’t mind playing a character who has a reasonable chance of failing or dying
 (as long as I have a chance to succeed or die spectacularly).

Essay Questions:

1) Is there any other player(s) whom you want to be paired up with, or want to avoid (no guarantees)?

2) *VERY IMPORTANT* Is there anything else you want to tell us that would help us match you up with a role you’d most enjoy playing? Conversely, is there anything you'd like us to know, so as to avoid giving you a role you'd be absolutely miserable with? For example: "Will not play Religious plot-lines." Note: If you have played before, this is also a good place to let us know, and which character you played.