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 "Ricardo’s Union Saloon" is based on the alternate world history presented in the Deadlands game system, by Pinnacle Publishing Entertainment Group, Inc. We have made a number of changes to their timeline and to certain other facets of their world. Anything you know from having read Deadlands sourcebooks may or may not be true. Use such knowledge at your own risk. You may rely on the knowledge presented here, in your character sheet, and on any additional handouts you receive — although this information may be filtered or heavily biased...

The following information is "common knowledge"; an educated or well-read person will know all this, and even an illiterate sharecropper will be aware of the salient facts.

The game takes place in May of 1870, in the town of El Paso, Texas, in the Confederate States of America (CSA).

The World
El Paso, Texas, CSA, 1870