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Welcome to Ricardo's Union Saloon!

This ain’t the Wild West you remember, pardner, ‘cause it’s based loosely on the Deadlands™ universe. It's the 1870s and the War Between the States is still going strong. Strange minerals have been unearthed, and unusual critters are rumored to roam the countryside. Fortunately, Ricardo runs a neutral place, catering to outlaws and genteel folk alike. So strap on your simulated six-guns, toss back a shot of whiskey, and deal yourself in...

"Ricardo’s Union Saloon" is a live-action role playing (LARP) event, set in the Weird West during the American Civil War. This is a one-shot theatre-style LARP with pre-generated characters. All combat will be simulated (i.e., no boffer weapons).

Ricardo’s Union Saloon 1999-2014 Marc Blumberg and Drew Novick, with lots of help from Philip Kelley and Mike Malony. Web-site design 2006 Marc Blumberg. Deadlands™ and all it's world background is the property of Pinnacle Games.

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