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Planned run schedule for Evermore: Faerie Tales from the Dark Side

First Run Berwyn, IL
Intercon D Chelmsford, MA
Intercon F Chelmsford, MA

Once the convention confirms you are registered for this game, feel free to fill out the on-line casting form to get a pre-cast character. If you are playing in a non-convention run, just skip directly to the on-line casting questionnaire!

If you have played Evermore: Faerie Tales from the Dark Side before...

As good a time as we've had in the past, we would prefer to minimize the number of repeat players, given all the in-game secret knowledge that you possess. Instead of signing up to play again, we would request the favor of pointing others in our direction, to spread the fun around, as it were. We would also highly appreciate keeping game secrets confidential, so as to not spoil the surprises for the new players. The GM staff of Evermore thanks you!