` Evermore: Casting Form from the Dark Side!
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Welcome to our casting form!

To help us cast you in a role you would most enjoy playing, please fill out the following form, and submit it
Sex:   M F

I am signing up for the run at

Please rate the following character archetypes from 1 - 5, where 5 means you would be extremely interested in playing such a character, and 1 means you'd rather not play it:

  Leader   Servant   Lunatic
  Child   Dominatrix   Murderer
  Scholar   Scientist/Inventor   Mystic
  Explorer   Soldier/Warrior   Doctor/Nurse
  Thief   Detective   Assassin
  Gypsy   Stranger   Myth
  Animal   Hero   Villain
  Normal Person Caught In Extraordinary Circumstances

Please divide 10 points between the following three categories to let us know what your personal motivations for playing a LARP are

  Playing out emotional/dramatic scenes with other players (drama)

  Solving mysteries and puzzles (problem solving)

  Playing out cool fight scenes (combat)

Please divide 10 points between the following four categories to let us know what character motivations you most enjoy playing:

Love Revenge/Justice
Responsibility to Others Power/Self-Gratification

Which of the following would you be willing to do for this game? (check all that apply):

Playing a character requiring make-up or elaborate costuming

Playing a mute character

Playing a character who might have same gender romantic plotlines

Playing a character with lots of angst

Playing a character with "adult" issues in his/her plots/background
       (WARNING - some characters have significant adult issues)

Mark each of the following books by Neil Gaiman you are familiar with.
Please list favorite characters, etc., where you think it might help us cast you.

  American Gods  
  Anansi Boys  

Essay Questions:

1) Are there any other player(s) with whom you want to play or to avoid (no guarantees)?

2) *VERY IMPORTANT* Is there anything else we should know before we cast you?