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After years of writing, running, and organizing Live-Action Role-Playing Games (LARPs), I decided to consolidate the web-pages for the various games into a single site.

Across the top are links to the individual games I have organized in the past. If you are playing in an upcoming run of one of these games, feel free to check out that game's site. Once you are registered and confirmed, you should also fill out the game's on-line casting questionnaire. This will help me cast you in a role you will be more likely to enjoy.

There are other games I have written or organized that are not listed here. If one of these games gets scheduled for a run, then a corresponding web-site will most likely appear at some point.

 Shameless Plugs
Intrigue In The Clouds Returns!
In February 2018, in Warwick, Rhode Island, after a 10-year absence, we will be running a very popular LARP by Dean Edgell and Dana Edgell at the largest LARP-centric convention in the US. For more information, check out the Intercon R web-site.

In addition, we ran Intrigue In The Clouds in the Chicago Area on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 2017.


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