Player Questionnaire

Hi all,

Thanks for your interest in Intrigue in the Clouds. We’re looking forward to the game and we hope you are too. It will help us tremendously in casting you if you will fill out the brief questionnaire below. (You can use the form to submit your replies directly or copy the questions and send a response by e-mail to us at .)


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I am playing the run.

1. Below you will find a list of character descriptions that may be included in the game. In order to aid me in casting the game, please indicate your interest in each of the categories on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being a character you would absolutely loathe playing, and 5 being a character you desperately want to play.

Bold Hero 
Brilliant Scientist 
Clever Con-Man 
Daring Secret Agent 
Dedicated Archeologist 
Dependable Officer 
Faithful Cleric
Imperiled Ingenue
Intrepid Reporter 
Mysterious Occultist 
Perceptive Sleuth 
Prominent Socialite 
Ruthless Criminal 
Scheming Mastermind 
Wily Diplomat

2.(A) Imagine that you are the chef of the luxury airship, Royal Victoria, and that your character is a dish to be prepared and served to a valued passenger. Below are the ingredients in the airship's pantry. Choose up to seven. Describe how they are measured and write out the recipe for a character you would like to be served.

Romance, Mystery, Angst, Humour, Murder, Guilt, Innocence,
Regrets, Heroic Deeds, Villainous Deeds, Bold Actions, Secrecy,
Extemporaneous Speeches, Schemes, Tragedy, Strength, Weakness,
Problem-Solving, Goal Orientation, Desire, Wisdom, Treachery, Colour

2.(B) I really like the recipe question, however, if that question really doesn't appeal to you, try this alternative: The characters in Intrigue in the Clouds have many facets. Which 3-5 of the above "ingredients" would you like to see in your character or plots? Allocate 100 points between them to indicate their relative importance.

3. Are you willing to play a character who will face defeat?

4. How do you feel about the statement: "I don't care whether I succeed or fail, so long as I go out with a big scene."

5. Different players have different styles of play and preferences for their characters. Allocate 100 points between the following three playing style/character focus possibilities to indeicate the emphasis you hope your character will have:

Overcoming external obstacles or problems my character faces

Experiencing and dealing with my character's emotions

Portraying my character to others (including his or her weaknesses) and fulfilling his or her role in a bigger story

6. Have you played Intrigue in the Clouds before?

Yes  No

If you have played before, which character did you play? 

7. Have you played Intrigue Beneath the Waves before?

Yes  No

If you have played before, which character did you play? 

8. What else do you want to tell me to assist in casting?

Intercon Players: you must register for the game at the convention before submitting a form